Welcome to the NHK!

It is... interesting. This show had me hooked on after the first few minutes, some find it annoying, but I like it when a show starts of with something weird. You have no idea whats going on at first. What I liked the most about this show is that everybody can recognize weak points of his- or herself in the characters. I'm sure everybody knows laziness and depression and the bad things they can do with you. That is why this show was also a bit frightening. It shows that it can become really bad if you fall into the ways of hikikimoriness. I had mixed feelings of uneasiness and irony watching Satou-kun playing an rpg in the middle of the night while it was also very very dark in my own room. Anyways, worth your time. That is, if you are prepared to face yourself! (for some :P)

Tatsuhiro Satou is a hikikomori, because he lives in his apartment and does nothing but going to the park at night and being in his room. He gets allowance from his parents and lives his lonely hikikomori life. He believes that he is the victim of an organization called NHK, the Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai. They are responsible for all that has gone wrong in his life. And to avoid playing in whatever plan they have, he stays in his room, getting more and more isolated from the rest of the world. At least, untill he meets Misaki Nakahara at his door, who accompanies her aunt for some religious organization. And then the story really begins.


Evert said...

luckily we don't have any of these hikikomori's here in our neighbourhood :).

Monkey said...

I guess we wouldn't notice then :P