Zero no Tsukaima

A simplified mix of Harry Potter and The Vision of Escaflowne, that's what it looks like at first. A magic school with a student who gets picked on and is bad at magic (Harry Potter). One day she summons a very strange familiar, a human! From this humans point of view it seems as if he has just fallen into a complete strange world, with strange people and he is somehow very special (The Vision of Escaflowne). The creators just switched the genders, Harry Potter is a boy and the main character of Escaflowne is a girl. The show had some other stereotype characters and there are a lot of jokes and fanservice. I was thinking about dropping the show, but it was only 13 episodes so I watched a little more. I was surprised that the show changed. The stereotype characters where not so stereotype after all and their relations with the main characters developed during the show. I also though that the show would play mainly at the magic school, but it didn't, the characters go around and have adventures like in Escaflowne. I liked that the show got more serious even if it still had a rather simple drawing style and maintained its jokes, but I find it around average in general.

Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière is a terrible student at the Tristian Magic Academy for nobles. Every time she pulls out her wand people duck in fear of the coming explosion. She gets picked on and always becomes angry. Then one day all the second year students have to summon a familiar to aid them and to stay with them for the rest of their lives. This is of course an important day, because everyone is unsure about what kind of familiar they will summon. Afraid for the result, Louise goes last and summons to everyone's surprise a human from the planet Earth. A familiar is usually some kind of creature, so summoning a human is pretty weird, and on top of that, there appears a strange inscription on the hand of Louise's familiar after the forming of the contract. But this familiar called Saito Hiraga looks like a commoner. Commoners are considered inferior beings because they can’t use magic like nobles can. And because Louise has summoned such a lowly human everyone laughs at her again. She doesn't want to treat Saito as a human and makes him sleep on the floor, eat leftovers and sit with the other familiars while she attends class. But Saito has, on top of being human, some other special traits that other familiars don't have. Actually, he can do things that nobody else in world he landed in can do.


Evert said...

Sounds interesting. I may even going to watch it :).

Monkey said...

I would try out the 'favorites' first, if I where you :P.